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Are you 100% ready to get rid of that old, ugly car sitting in your driveway? Are you tired of people coming to look at it and offering you next to nothing for it? If so, give us a call now at (858) 225-8334 to receive a personal, free quote concerning that old, junk car. We pay cash on the spot and are here to help YOU!

We Make All the Difference

Our number one objective is to provide our valued Poway, CA customers a place to call when they can’t get rid of their vehicle on their own. Since our business is simply buying up old vehicles for cash, you’ll get a quick and honest response from us when you call. We know how frustrating it can be when you have an old car that you are trying to sell, especially if you choose to sell it on your own. Placing your own ads can lead to bogus calls and messages; plus, who wants multiple strangers coming around to your home all day? Give us a call first and save yourself a major hassle.

We Don’t Discriminate on Cars!

It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in or whether or not it even runs anymore. We give cash for cars in any condition-old, new, running or not. The physical condition of the vehicle does not matter, as well. We can give you a quote over the phone when you provide us the information we need for your vehicle. There is no pressure from us to sell your car! If you do decide to make it easy on yourself, we will come out to you, usually that very day. You’ll receive a cash payment when we make the transfer.

Why You Should Call Us

Our company is licensed and bonded in California and we employ friendly, knowledgeable employees who will do what they can to give you a good price for your vehicle. We buy any make, model or year that you own, and you don’t have to have a current emissions sticker to sell your car to us. This makes it even easier to get rid of your old car in Poway, CA! We are fast and every transaction we do is in cash. Don’t wait days or even weeks with ads you have to type up and post online- call (858) 225-8334 today and get your car sold NOW!

What’s the Next Step?

If you are ready to get rid of your old car, you can do either of the following:


Fill out our easy online form

We will take it from there! Once you agree on a price, we can set up a time to come out to finish the deal. All you need is the title of the vehicle and to be there yourself to make the transaction. That’s it! When you want fast cash for an old car, don’t hesitate to call us!