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Selling a Used or Junk Car In Poway Has Never Been Easier

Selling a used car can be a bit of a hassle today, especially for the person who is looking to use that capital for the purchase of another vehicle. Having money tied up in another car at the time when you really want to make a purchase can make the process of buying the new car much more difficult. If you’re the person who says, “I just want to sell my car Poway dealers won’t give me a trade in”, then there are other options and answers. For used cars and junk cars there is a way to get cash to help in the purchase of another car.

Our company can make the sale process much simpler and less stressful. We buy all makes and models and make the process of selling a car in Poway much easier. Our longstanding reputation in the community has built trust and satisfaction among car owners.

In addition to used cars, in most people’s lifetime they come upon a time when they have a car they need to get rid of that has fallen into disrepair. There are many reasons a car may sit idle for a time and eventually need to be towed or junked. No matter what the reason is whether it is the repair that seemed minor that is no longer so small a task, or the backup car that never got used and now has sat too long, or the car that just broken down and is too costly to repair, people often come upon a need to rid themselves of that “old car” sitting in the yard.

Sometimes people look to get a little extra cash selling their car, others have no patience and they just want the car junked. However, the great news is there are wonderful viable ways to get rid a car without all the fuss, and earn cash in the process. Our reliable company comes to your home or place of business and will give you a bid on the car, if we come to terms with you on the purchase amount, we will pay you cash and take the car away- “No fuss, no hassle”.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are ready to get rid of your old car, you can do either of the following:


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We will take it from there! Once you agree on a price, we can set up a time to come out to finish the deal. All you need is the title of the vehicle and to be there yourself to make the transaction. That’s it! When you want fast cash for an old car, don’t hesitate to call us!